How To Make Your RC Boat Faster and Increase its Speed?

RC boating, or remote control boating, is a fun hobby for children and adults alike. One of the biggest thrills of RC boating is revving up the speed of your boat and watching it cut quickly through the water. If you’re an RC boating enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered how you can make your RC boat … Read more

How Fast Are RC Boats?

How Fast Can RC Boat Be

Many RC boat enthusiasts will argue that one of the best parts of RC boating is running your RC boat at high speed, racing it with others, or watching it quickly cut through the water. To enjoy operating an RC boat, you should know the speed at which it can run. How fast are RC … Read more

6 Best RC Boats Under $100

RC boating is an enjoyable hobby that more and more people around the world are enjoying. As well as being a great way to spend time outdoors, RC boating is reasonably pocket-friendly, with some great models costing less than $100. Here are some of my picks.  Here are 6 of the best RC boats under … Read more

Best Static Grass Applicators for your Railway Model

Best Static Grass Applicators for your Railway Model

Making model scenery is fun but an intricate hobby that involves careful planning and execution. If you enjoy making model scenery, you have probably considered how best to lay down fake grass. Static grass applicators are an excellent tool to lay down fake grass.  The best static grass applicator for beginners is the TruePower Static … Read more

How To Make a Model Railway Tunnel

How To Make a Model Railway Tunnel

Railway model making is a fun, immersive hobby that involves constructing a miniature railway track for miniature trains. One of the most important aspects of any model building venture is to make the model look and function as realistically as possible. Adding railway tunnels to your railway track is a great way to make your … Read more

How To Waterproof an RC Boat?

How do you Waterproof an RC Boat

If you’ve recently purchased an RC Boat and are looking to make it last as long as possible, waterproofing it is a great step to take. By waterproofing the various parts that are sensitive to water, you’re ensuring a long life for your new remote-controlled boat. These preventative measures help protect the investment you’ve made … Read more

Best RC Boats for Saltwater

what is Best RC Boat for Saltwater

Remote control (RC) boating is a fun hobby that people around the world have embraced. RC boats can be used on various water bodies, from lakes to streams to the ocean. However, it’s essential to use specialized RC boats for each water body, including saltwater.  The best three RC boats for saltwater are Funtech Remote … Read more

What Happens if Your RC Plane is Nose Heavy?

What Happens if an RC Plane Is Nose Heavy

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the weight and balance of an RC plane are crucial not only in the design and development stage but also in maintaining the stability of the plan. When the center of gravity clings towards the nose instead of the center, the plane becomes nose heavy. Flying a nose-heavy plane … Read more

How To Waterproof an RC Car?

How To Waterproof an RC Car

For some hobbyists, the thought of packing up and storing RC cars for the colder months is unbearable. Unfortunately, driving your RC car through muddy waters and snow isn’t a great idea without adequately waterproofing the electrical parts. But how do you waterproof an RC car? Here’s how to waterproof an RC car: Use silicone … Read more

How Much Do RC Planes Weigh?

How Much Do RC Planes Weight

Radio-controlled (RC) planes are as exciting as their on-land counterparts; some hobbyists might even argue that RC planes hold more entertainment value. The construction that goes into making one of these is impressive, especially given how much weight and balance matter. So, how much do RC planes weigh? RC planes tend to weigh between 2.5lbs … Read more