How To Retrieve RC Boat With Tennis Ball

How To Retrieve RC Boat With Tennis Ball

RC boating, or remote control boating, is a popular hobby around the world. However, one of the significant challenges in RC boating is working out how to retrieve an RC boat stuck on a body of water. One popular way of retrieving an RC boat is with a tennis ball.  Here’s how you can retrieve … Read more

Can You Fish With an RC Boat?

What are the Benefits, when Fish With an RC Boat

While they might look like a toy from a distance, don’t be fooled– a remote control boat can be a fun way to fish remotely. By attaching your bait to the back of the boat through various methods, you can stay safely ashore with the remote control in your hand and still see what is … Read more

Can RC Boats Go In Saltwater?

Can RC Boats Go In Saltwater

Remote-controlled, or RC, boats are great for exploring lakes, rivers, and even swimming pools. You might want to know if you can use your RC boat in saltwater, especially if you live near an ocean. Can you use your RC boat in saltwater, or will the salt ruin your boat? RC boats are not made … Read more

Where To Fly RC Airplanes?

Where can you Fly RC Airplanes

If you recently got a remote-controlled (or RC) airplane, you’re probably excited to try it out! Unfortunately, RC planes aren’t welcome in all airspaces, and you can’t just fly them as high as you want in any field. So, how do you go about figuring out where is the best place to fly rc airplanes? … Read more

How To Buy and Fly an RC Plane? | Beginner Guide

How To Buy and fly an RC Plane

Buying and then Flying on an RC plane is an ingenious way to have an exciting outdoor experience. It is a hobby that gives enthusiasts an exceptional perspective of the world. However, choosing and flying these airplanes it’s often a challenge for most beginners. When buying an RC plane, it’s advisable first to research the … Read more

What Is the Best Wood for a Model Railway Baseboard?

Best Wood for a Model Railway Baseboard

Hobbyists hoping to craft the most alluring and intricate landscapes and railway systems tend to build their own train tables. The baseboard is a crucial component of this setup, but choosing the best wood for model railway can be challenging. After all, you’re for something that’s both light and sturdy. The best wood for a … Read more

How To Choose the Perfect Brushless Motor for RC Plane

How To Choose the Perfect Brushless Motor for RC Plane

You’ll need a motor if you’re looking to assemble a model RC plane from scratch or trying to upgrade an old one. The brushless variants are often preferred, but how can you choose the best option? Here’s how to choose the perfect brushless motor for RC planes: Choose between inrunners and outrunners. Consider your preferred … Read more

How do You Clean a Brushed RC Motor?

How do You Clean a Brushed RC Motor

Thanks to their affordability and simplicity, brushed RC motors are ubiquitous in RC vehicles. To properly maintain your brushed motor, however, you’ll need to clean it from time to time. By taking the time to freshen it up periodically, you can ensure it lasts for thousands of hours. Here’s how to clean a brushed RC … Read more

Main Differences Between Brushed and Brushless RC Motor

Electric motors have widespread applications in motion control. When buying one for your car, chances are you will have to pick either with a brushed or a brushless motor. But how can you distinguish between a brushed and a brushless motor? The differences between brushed and brushless RC motors include their components, power, and performance. … Read more

11 Tips on How To Travel With RC Vehicle

It’s normal to want to travel with your RC vehicle since, after all, you’ve probably invested your time and energy in customizing the bad boy. But unlike other travel items, RC cars contain wires and power sources like batteries that can make travel a nightmare. So how can you travel with your RC vehicle?  Here’s … Read more