What Happens if Your RC Plane is Nose Heavy?

What Happens if an RC Plane Is Nose Heavy

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the weight and balance of an RC plane are crucial not only in the design and development stage but also in maintaining the stability of the plan. When the center of gravity clings towards the nose instead of the center, the plane becomes nose heavy. Flying a nose-heavy plane … Read more

How Much Do RC Planes Weigh?

How Much Do RC Planes Weight

Radio-controlled (RC) planes are as exciting as their on-land counterparts; some hobbyists might even argue that RC planes hold more entertainment value. The construction that goes into making one of these is impressive, especially given how much weight and balance matter. So, how much do RC planes weigh? RC planes tend to weigh between 2.5lbs … Read more

How Does RC Aircraft Steering Work?

How Does RC Aircraft Steering Work

Remote control planes are a great hobby and pastime. They’re also a lot of fun to fly around the house or yard. However, it can be difficult for beginners to get the hang of how remote control plane steering works. Aircraft RC steering works by sending radio waves to the receiver, which then translates them … Read more

Do You Need a License To Fly RC Planes in the US?

Do You Need a License To Fly RC Planes in the USA

If you’ve recently acquired an RC plane or drone, you probably want to start flying it immediately. But you might not be sure what the regulations for flying these planes are, especially if you live in the US. With the popularity of drones rising, regulatory bodies have to update their rules, and it’s your responsibility … Read more

How Long Can RC Planes Fly?

How Long Can RC Planes Fly?

RC planes have changed a great deal from the earliest models, but even with new advances, they don’t typically have that long of a flight time. When investing money in more expensive items like these, you want to know you’re getting value for money. So, how long can RC planes fly? An average RC plane … Read more

How To Fly an RC Plane?

How To Fly an RC Plane

Flying RC planes is an exciting hobby, however, it can get costly if we don’t do it right. I’ve seen people spend $400 on a plane and crash it just a few seconds into its first flight. But this tragedy can easily be avoided by taking the time to learn how to fly an RC … Read more

How Much Weight Can an RC Plane Carry?

Many RC enthusiasts have pondered about how much their RC plane can truly carry. After all, many different RC plane manufacturers claim their products can handle more payload than what their rivals offer. An RC plane can carry as much as 2 – 20 lbs (32 – 320 oz) of weight. RC planes have a … Read more