Can You Run an RC Car in Snow?

Can You Run an RC Car in Snow

RC cars are a popular gift for children and adults. Many users are gifted with one during winter. Therefore, the question is whether it is safe to use their rc car in the snow. You can run an RC vehicle in the snow. However, you must run these cars with extreme care in adverse conditions, … Read more

How To Make Your RC Nitro Engine Quieter?

How To Make Your RC Nitro Engine Quieter

Although not as common as electric models, Nitro RC cars have gradually increased in popularity. However, while Nitro engines can help boost performance, they can end up being too noisy. These noises can take away from your RC driving experience and upset your neighbors, so how can you make your RC Nitro engine quieter?  Here’s … Read more

How To Waterproof an RC Car?

How To Waterproof an RC Car

For some hobbyists, the thought of packing up and storing RC cars for the colder months is unbearable. Unfortunately, driving your RC car through muddy waters and snow isn’t a great idea without adequately waterproofing the electrical parts. But how do you waterproof an RC car? Here’s how to waterproof an RC car: Use silicone … Read more

ESC for an RC Car | Everything You Need To Know

ESC for an RC Car

Choosing the right type of ESC for your RC car can be confusing with all the overwhelming specs. However, if you select the wrong ESC, it can damage your car and ruin your experience. So, you’re probably wondering what an ESC is and how you should choose the right one for your RC car. An … Read more

10 Best Remote Control Cars for Adults

Best Remote Control Cars for Adults

It doesn’t matter that you find them on the toy aisle and in toy stores; remote control cars are just as much fun for adults as they are for children. However, choosing the best one can be difficult, especially if you’re purchasing it for a friend and know nothing about remote control cars yourself. The … Read more

How Long Does RC Nitro Fuel Last?

How Long Does RC Nitro Fuel Last.

You want to take your RC car out for a spin, but you’ve had that bottle of nitro fuel in your garage since last summer, and you’re not sure if it’s still usable. How’d you know if nitro fuel is bad? And how long does it last? RC nitro fuel lasts as long as a … Read more

How To Balance RC Tires?

How To Balance my RC Tires

We have all, at some point, felt that telltale vibration in our RC cars. You’re holding it, you hit the throttle, and along with the wheels turning, the whole car shakes a little bit in your hand. When this happens, chances are, you need to balance RC tires. Here’s how to balance your RC tires, … Read more

How Long Will an RC Nitro Engine Last?

How Long Will an RC Nitro Engine Last?

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that RC cars with nitro engines are extremely fun and offer extended run time since you don’t need to change the battery every 15 minutes. But, unfortunately, these engines aren’t known to have very long lifespans. So, how long before you need a replacement? An RC Nitro Engine … Read more

What Does Throttle Trim Do on an RC Car?

What Does Throttle Trim Do on an RC Car

RC cars are becoming more and more popular, with enthusiasts from all over meeting up to race or bash their vehicles to the limits. In either case, control is vital. So, if you notice your car moving when it should be idle, should you be worried about costly repairs? Throttle trim on an RC car … Read more

Can I Use the Same Gas in My RC Car and My Regular Car?

Can I Use the Same Gas in My RC Car and Regular Car

RC cars have boomed as a hobby in the past decades, and you may have seen RC cars that run on fuel similar to that used by cars. They sound cool and produce exhaust like regular cars, but is the fuel at all similar to that you’d use in your regular car? You can use … Read more