How To Build an RC Track?

Not only does driving an RC car on a track make the hobby more enjoyable, but it also provides an opportunity to hone your skills. And since driving on plain grass might not deliver the punch required, you might have to consider building a track in your backyard. So how can you build an RC … Read more

How To Clean RC Tires? | Best Guide Ever

As any RC hobbyist knows, keeping your vehicle clean is one of the best ways to maximize its longevity and keep it performing at a high level for a long time to come. While you can’t avoid getting your tires wet, dirty, or grimy, you can find ways to effectively clean them to keep them … Read more

How To Glue RC Tires? [Pro Tips]

Radio-controlled or RC cars are an increasingly popular hobby among people of all ages, but there are some lesser-known details about it that not everyone may know. For instance, many newbies may notice that they have issues keeping their tires from coming off or interfering with proper operation. Gluing tires can be a great way … Read more

How To Make RC Tires Softer? | 6 dos & 5 don’ts

RC car racing relies heavily on a driver’s skill. But without soft tires, even the most experienced hobbyists or professionals will struggle to cross the finish line. So how can you make your RC tires softer?  Here’s how you can make your RC tires softer: Spray tires with WD-40.  Use penetrating oil on your tires … Read more

How To Make RC Tires Sticky? (8 Tips)

Racing with sticky RC tires is a great way to gain an edge over competitors, especially when driving in potentially tricky terrain. However, most stock tires won’t have the stickiness required to maintain proper traction when racing on a track. So how can you make your RC tires sticky? Here’s how you can make your … Read more

How To Stop RC Tire Ballooning? | 5 Tips

RC (radio-controlled) cars have grown in popularity recently; some people are content with occasional RC car adventures, while others are regular racers. Unfortunately, RC car racing is an expensive hobby. Tire ballooning is one of the problems you’d face, so how can you prevent it? To stop RC tires from ballooning, you can use braided … Read more

How To Remove RC Tires From Rims?

How To Remove RC Tires From Rims

Any RC car enthusiast knows the hassle of replacing the tires when their threads get eaten away after some time, and you’ll want to replace and interchange the RC tires instead of getting new ones. The hassle comes in ungluing the beams, which can either further destroy the tire or give you a perfectly working … Read more

How To Measure RC Tires?

On average, Radio Control (RC) Car tires need to be replaced every three months, though this will depend on how often you drive them. Still, understanding what measurements you’ll need to replace the tires is vital; otherwise, they won’t fit, and the RC car will be difficult to drive on short courses. Here’s how to … Read more

RC Car Tires Buyer’s Guide

RC car tires are as diverse as standard car tires in terms of sizes, shapes, and costs. Each brand and model tire will perform differently based on the type of RC car you have and the terrain you typically drive. But with so many options available, how do you know which RC car tires are … Read more

Does Traxxas Nitro Fuel Go Bad? | How to store them?

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