How To Buy Your First RC Car? | Beginner’s Guide

How To Buy Your First RC Car - beginners guide

The world of radio-controlled or RC cars can be a daunting one, as many enthusiasts have been involved in the world for years and have the minutiae of the hobby ingrained in their minds. For the interested novice without a car or a clue to their name, though, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, choosing your … Read more

How Fast Can RC Cars Go? | Factors that affect RC car Speed

How Fast Can RC Cars Go - how to make them go faster

Radio-controlled or RC cars have come a long way since their inception. Back then, their speed was relatively limited and there wasn’t a lot of selection for parts that could significantly impact speed performance. But we’ve since seen great advancements in RC technology. Hobby-grade RC cars can go as fast as 10-70mph (16.09-112.65kph) depending on … Read more

Remote Control Car Repair Guide | All in One Place

RC Car Repair Guide

If your remote control car has some issues, fixing them can seem daunting. But fixing RC cars is very simple, and it’s an excellent way to learn some new skills.  If your remote control car isn’t working, you should first check the batteries; low charge, disuse, corrosion, or a faulty connection may often be the … Read more

RC Car Scales and Available Choices

RC Car Scales and Available Choices

When you’re thinking about buying your first RC car, all the choices can be intimidating. The pros talk about “scales,” but you just want to know how big the car is. What’s the difference between a 1:18, a 1:14, and a 1:10 scale car anyway?  RC car scales are relative to the full-size model, so … Read more

How To Increase the Range of Your Remote Control Car

Getting more distance or range for your remote control car can be tricky. Taking your RC car out for a spin only to realize it only has a range of 50 feet (15.24 m) or so is an incredibly frustrating yet common experience for many hobbyists. What can you do to increase the range of … Read more

How To Build an RC Car? | Everything You Need To Know

ild an RC Car From Scratch

Most remote control cars usually come ready to run, meaning they can be put to immediate use once unboxed, but you can choose to go the hard (and more fulfilling) way and assemble an entire RC car from scratch as a DIY project. But to do so, you’ll need to observe some basic steps and … Read more

How To Build an RC Track?

Not only does driving an RC car on a track make the hobby more enjoyable, but it also provides an opportunity to hone your skills. And since driving on plain grass might not deliver the punch required, you might have to consider building a track in your backyard. So how can you build an RC … Read more

How To Clean RC Tires? | Best Guide Ever

As any RC hobbyist knows, keeping your vehicle clean is one of the best ways to maximize its longevity and keep it performing at a high level for a long time to come. While you can’t avoid getting your tires wet, dirty, or grimy, you can find ways to effectively clean them to keep them … Read more

How To Glue RC Tires? [Pro Tips]

Radio-controlled or RC cars are an increasingly popular hobby among people of all ages, but there are some lesser-known details about it that not everyone may know. For instance, many newbies may notice that they have issues keeping their tires from coming off or interfering with proper operation. Gluing tires can be a great way … Read more

How To Make RC Tires Softer? | 6 dos & 5 don’ts

RC car racing relies heavily on a driver’s skill. But without soft tires, even the most experienced hobbyists or professionals will struggle to cross the finish line. So how can you make your RC tires softer?  Here’s how you can make your RC tires softer: Spray tires with WD-40.  Use penetrating oil on your tires … Read more