Why Is My Traxxas LiPo Battery Swelling?

Traxxas LiPo batteries are a great way to keep your electronic devices powered all the time. No wonder LiPo batteries are the leading choice for folks looking for higher power and longer run times. However, there’s one common problem with these batteries: swelling. Your Traxxas LiPo battery is swelling due to electrolyte decomposition, which generates … Read more

Are Traxxas Batteries Waterproof?

Radio-controlled cars, or RC cars for short, are quickly becoming a popular hobby for people of all ages. In the RC world, the importance of batteries is well-known, but you may still wonder, for safety reasons, if Traxxas batteries are waterproof. Traxxas batteries are not waterproof but are water-resistant. Running your car in light rain … Read more

Why Is My Traxxas ESC Blinking Red?

Red flashing lights are usually not good news. And so is the case when it comes to Traxxas ESCs. But why is my Traxxas ESC blinking red? Your Traxxas ESC blinking red may indicate thermal shutdown protection has kicked in to prevent overheating. Another possibility is that LiPo battery voltage is nearing its minimum discharge … Read more

What Is a Traxxas Cush Drive and Its Benefits?

Traxxas is a company that develops remote control models that are nitro and electric powered, including drones, vehicles, and boats. Since Traxxas racing has become very popular, racers are constantly figuring out ways to increase their vehicle’s performance. So, what’s a Traxxas cush drive, and what are its benefits? A Traxxas cush drive is part … Read more

What Is RC Bashing? | Tips buying best RC Basher

Many people around the world enjoy operating radio-controlled vehicles as a hobby and in competitive environments. Aside from RC racing, a popular radio-controlled vehicle sport is RC bashing. An RC bashing is when an individual operates a radio-controlled vehicle outside of regulated and competitive environments. Someone engaged in RC bashing may operate an RC car … Read more

Traxxas RC Vehicles Buying Guide

Traxxas RC vehicles are some of the most powerful RC cars, boats, and trucks available. They’re also made with high-quality components that won’t break or rust after a few months of use. But choosing the best possible model can be challenging if you’re not familiar with this brand. I am sure you will find this … Read more

What’s Better – Traxxas Slash or Rustler?

It’s not easy choosing between a Traxxas Slash or Rustler. They’re both excellent examples of Traxxas’s expertise in the RC field. Still, let me see what I can do to answer the question of what’s better. What’s better between Traxxas Slash or Rustler will depend on where you plan to drive them. The Slash’s higher … Read more

Why My Traxxas Battery Won’t Charge?

Traxxas outperforms many other RC brands in terms of performance, reliability, strength, and speed. However, RC batteries may sometimes develop malfunctions, such as an inability to charge. Your Traxxas battery won’t charge because it has been over-discharged. It may also be because of a defective charger, faulty connectors, or a shorted circuit. A smart charger … Read more

5 Best RC Bashers: My Best Bashing Choices

Whether you’re looking to get your first RC basher or to upgrade what you’ve currently got, I’m going to make it easy for you. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best RC bashers representing my best bashing choices. The best choice of RC basher is one that’s durable and easy to maintain. It’ll … Read more

Why Is My Traxxas ESC Flashing Red and Green?

An issue I recently encountered with my Traxxas ESC flashing red and green. It was somewhat alarming when I first saw it, as I thought it meant a serious problem with my ESC. But here’s what I found out about why my Traxxas ESC was flashing red and green. A Traxxas ESC that’s flashing red … Read more